South Bronx National Park

New York City, in conjunction with the United States Department of the Interior, will acquire land in the South Bronx.

Native plants and animals will then be returned, thereby creating a new National Park. Certain burned-out buildings and abandoned playgrounds will be preserved, while others will be restored for use. Graffiti and artifacts such as stripped cars, vandalized benches, angled lampposts, and other important cultural markers will remain untouched. Indigenous flora and fauna will be reintroduced and the people of the South Bronx will be empowered to redefine their neighborhood. To experience South Bronx National Park will be to confront the living historical record, and at the same time experience the mystery of a lost civilization.

South Bronx, N.Y.C. — 1980
South Bronx National Park — South Bronx, N.Y.C. — 1980