Rubble Reconstruction Company


New York City, 1979: Many neighborhoods have been demolished. As a result, rubble is available in plentiful quantities. The need for new recreational space in these urban neighborhoods is self-evident. In addition, one must reestablish a positive relationship to the passage of time.


Form a construction company and build a Rubble Sundial surrounded by a green park in the South Bronx. The Rubble Reconstruction Company will reconstruct recreational architecture using the rubble rough fragments of stone, brick, concrete, and tile (the masonry debris that results from the demolition of old buildings) that is readily available in these neighborhoods.

In addition, our company has developed a masonry curriculum to teach basic building and construction techniques, using rubble. One of the goals of this project is to provide jobs and teach contemporary and classical masonry building techniques to residents living in a community of high unemployment.

Rubble Sundial
Rubble Building Materials
Pillar Park and Rubble Sundial
Rubble Sundial: elevation
Pillar Park: site plan
Rubble Park & Rubble Obelisk
Rubble Obelisk: elevation
Rubble Park: site plan