Empty Pedestals


One of the inescapable realities of urban life, particularly any public arts program, is decay. In New York City there are pedestals devoid of the public sculpture for which they were designed. These sculptures are missing for a variety of reasons the work could be stolen, vandalized, be in storage, on loan, or in the process of being repaired.


To rehabilitate abandoned pedestals by creating new sculpture to replace the missing works in ways that highlight the historical and cultural changes that have taken place.

John Payne Bust / Vacant (Prospect Park, Brooklyn, N.Y.)
Edvard Grieg Bust / Vacant (Prospect Park, Brooklyn, N.Y.)
Highbridge Doughboy / Vacant (Highbridge, Bronx, N.Y.)
Jacob Schiff Fountain Ornamental Dish / Vacant (Seward Park, Manhattan, N.Y.)
Jacob Schiff Fountain / Rehabilitated (Seward Park, Manhattan, N.Y.)
Bronx County Court House / Rehabilitated (Bronx County Court House, Bronx, N.Y.)
Lafayette Pedestal / Rehabilitated (Union Square Park, Manhattan, N.Y.)