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The News York Times, 7/27/90

Art at the Anchorage

Resting Place by Marc Blane, Installation in the Brooklyn Bridge Anchorage Show, 1990.

Marc Blane balances form and medium most successfully, although this is a relative judgment. Mr. Blane's Resting Place is a striking curtain-like structure made of more than 250 wooden crutches that stretches wall to wall and nearly floor to ceiling in the first big vault at the Anchorage. From each crutch hangs an empty pint-sized wine bottle labeled with the photograph of a man passed out on a sidewalk. The simplicity of Mr. Blane's piece works both for and against him, but more than anything else here, his installation delivers his message experientially, and without undue editorializing.

Resting Place - 1990 - 35' x 25' x 3' - wooden crutches, glass wine bottles, photographs, cable