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Arts Magazine, 11/90

Art at The Anchorage

Marc Blane's Resting Place summarized both the potentials and pitfalls of the outside perspective. The work consisted of a curtain of crutches and little green flasks with pictures of sleeping bums on them hanging from the vault to the floor. An audio element, change shaking in a cup, is sinister and angry. Crutch and bottle speak of old-time rum bums of the Bowery lording their sarcasm over subway-platform commuters. The upturned bottles do a sentimental rain dance for that last drop that once was thought to be the one and only salve of homeless life. The photos are upside down as well, complicit in the inversion. Blane's theatrical response to the livableness of the site for those with even less, comes up against the weight of the vault, and cannot sustain a clear unspooked point of view on homelessness.

Resting Place - 1990 - 35' x 25' x 3' - wooden crutches, glass wine bottles, photographs, cable