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Art World, 4/79

MARC BLANE at 112 Workshop

By giving to his work titles like Five Lines, Halved/Whole, Two Lines/Two Rectangles and so forth, Blane may be bringing attention to formal properties, rather than poetic images. Blane has made a deserted and damaged basketball court into a shrine to urban adolescence. These copper and concrete pieces lead to assumptions about Blane's own experience of the rites of passage. The height and location of the hoops are telling, as is the section of fencing which Blane remembers having been pried apart in order to gain access to and from the court. The sculptures convey a local and specific experience of the senses which might otherwise have disintegrated from indifferent acceptance of the passage of time.

Plane Perpendicular Plane - 1979 - 13" x 13" x 13" - cement, copper, wire screen