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SOHO News,1/21/81

Marc Blane at White Columns

One of the more durable and poignant icons of last year's Times Square Show is Marc Blane's green pint wine-bottle with a picture of a crumbling tenement inside.

This simple piece (which Blane has turned out in bulk) is, like those fabled message-bearing bottles that shipwrecked persons send, an embodiment of desperation and, conversely, it's also a play on the ship-in-a-bottle which encapsulates the dream of voyaging out.

Now with cardboard case after case of these bottles (each case is neatly lettered Abandoned Buildings) stacked in the gallery, and with yet more bottles strewn across the floor, Blane is launching his Rubble Reconstruction Company.

The whole enterprise has echoes of Red Grooms' zany Ruckus Construction Company. But whereas Grooms exaggerated Manhattan's explosive energy, Blane is operating in the silence after everything has crumbled. In blueprint form Blane proposes parks constructed from chunks of old buildings. These parks are planned around ancient forms, obelisks and columns. It's as if another one of history's same old rounds is starting, only to culminate in more neatly packed cases of fatal brew.

Rubble Park - 1981 - 24" x 36" - ink on film